Project Management

Project Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX


Both the installation and construction companies generate their profits on the basis of the revenues from the realized projects. That is why Microsoft Dynamics AX is an ideal solution for those, who want to realize projects on time and within budget.

Full overview of the project from the financial and compliance schedule with the progress of work gives the possibility of making quick and accurate decisions, and therefore provides security to your project.

Thanks to personalized manager's desktops, each person responsible for a project has an access to the most important data from the perspective of their own role in the company. At the same time, full access to budget data of the project, schedule, orders and the date of their realization are available. That is why the responsible person is not only able to control the key parameters of the project, but also plan the work flow in advance.

Additionally, thanks to the full access to the information in the electronic version, people responsible for the project realization have access to all financial documents and contractual entries that arise from, for example, the renegotiation of the schedule done by the investor. Such system enables to have control over any changes that are happening, and thus working quickly and effectively.

Microsoft Dynamics AX enables your company to realize projects starting from the preparation of the bid and finishing on the final settlement and servicing care in one tool, with unprecedented speed and unsurpassed quality of realization.


Core Benefits


  • • Control over the budget and project schedule.
    Monitor compliance between the agreed time of the realization and the current progress of work. Be informed about the least significant exceedance of the budget. Let the system send alerts about the risks.
  • • Access to all parameters of the contract is provided by electronic documents workflow. Now access to financial and project documents is available anywhere. You can see, what has been posted to your project and have current monitoring of the contractual entries.
  • • The offer with margins guaranteed created on the basis of built-in catalog of prices, experience from previous projects and analysis of seasonal price changes.
  • • Intuitive use because the interface of the user is confusingly similar to well-known MS Office interface. Users find themselves quickly in the new realities of the system. It is a great way to shortenthe time of training.


    Do you want to learn more about our IT solution supporting Project Management?

    Xplus Contract Management (XCM) may be what you need. We've put together an e-book for you to get familiar with how XCM works.


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